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Photo of Principal Zucconi & staff memberAt Brooks, students are viewed as active participants in their academic learning and social/emotional growth. Our goal is focus on developing the talents and skills for all students regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or learning style in order to prepare them to a be contributing members to a successful 21st Century.

Working individually, in pairs, small groups, and as a whole class, children use a plethora of materials to explore and solve real world problems. Aside from learning and growing academically, we value social/emotional learning and building relationships that could last a life time. We practice and build student skills in being kind and problem solvers. We practice Restorative Justice practices and realize that hurt feelings often can be repaired through dialogue. All of our teachers are highly qualified through California's credentialing system. Not only are they outstanding teachers but many teachers and staff are pillars within the Windsor community.

Brooks is an amazing place for students to learn! We believe one of the strengths of Brooks is the support and strength of the community and believe Brooks to be one of the strengths of our community. We strive to blend learning with Project Based Learning and integrating the use of Chromebooks. The Arts are also integrated into the fabric of Brooks by classroom teachers as well as Visual and Performing Arts including music and theater.

Kids in the Brooks libraryWe are a caring and close knit school community and value partnering with parents and students alike. Staff and students are hard working and use a combination of heart, intelligence, and skills to be an outstanding public school community that centers itself for continual academic improvement, increase of Social Emotional Learning, and developing their personal interests.