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All Students Connected and Thriving, All Staff Connected and Thriving, Strong Family, Community & School Relationships, and Sound Financial Planning and Decision-Making

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FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4

Dear WUSD Families:  Windsor Unified School District received notification of this upcoming test and wanted to make sure you were aware, so as to not cause undue alarm. -Your WUSD Admin Team FEMA . . . Read More

Open House to Share Native Culture-Oct. 10

Please join us for this awesome event! . . . Read More

Gas Leak in Windsor--NO danger to schools

Dear Families: We have received notice of a Shelter-In-Place order due to a gas leak in Zones D-01 and D-04 in Windsor. Neither of these zones contain one of our campuses and at this time there is no . . . Read More

Labor Day

Day off school for Labor Day is coming up in...
Labor Day  Day off school for Labor Day is coming up in...
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